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Study Series Coming!!

In my most recent newsletter, I announced two new study series will be launching in March! I have been studying like crazy preparing for these and considering the godly characteristics I want to possess and the Christian habits I want to teach my kiddos. I wanted to give you a better idea of what these studies will be like, so here's the main points:

  • There are two study series in the making - one for women: Godly Woman Series and one for kids: Mature Faith Series

  • The studies will have six parts. One will be released each month, beginning in March and going through August. Each study will be four weeks long.

  • They are created to flow in the order they are being produced, but also as independent studies (you don't have to do study #1 before you can do #2).

  • They will be available as pdf downloads or shipped hard copies.

  • The women's studies will have free pdf leader guides available.

Godly Woman Study - focuses on how the obedience of six women (three old testament and three new testament) cultivated godly characteristics in each of them. Here are the main themes each study will focus on:

  1. Ruth - loyalty, faith, and selflessness

  2. Hannah - perseverance, sacrifice, integrity

  3. Esther - courage, seeking advice, self-denial

  4. Elizabeth - humility, righteousness, hope

  5. Lydia - hospitality, diligence, devotion

  6. Priscilla - one in marriage, study, service

Mature Faith Study - focuses on helping kids develop healthy Christian habits that will grow their faith and trust in Jesus. These studies will look at:

  1. Prayer

  2. Developing a quiet time (studying, note taking, memorizing scripture)

  3. Confessing sin, repentance, and accountability

  4. Fellowship and church

  5. Cultivating the fruits of the Spirit

  6. Building Character (honesty, courage, contentment, perseverance)

I am so excited about these study series and hope you are too! Be on the look out for more information and specific release dates.

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