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I want to tell all of you about JournalOwl!

JournalOwl is a free journal website that offers freestyle journaling, journaling challenges, and online counseling/coaching. It is safe and secure and abides by all HIPPA guidelines so you can be sure your information is safe. Using a website to journal is a cool way to keep all your thoughts in one place with unlimited space! You can even add pictures, video logs, or voice notes. You can create a free account or you can choose to upgrade for just $5/mo or $30/yr to have access to more features like goal trackers, unlimited photos and videos, and more.

The journaling challenges focus on specific habits you want to break, such as smoking or anxiety, or skills you want to cultivate, like gratitude or faith. They range from 1-31 days and are guided by a professional. Some challenges are free, and others require a payment.

JournalOwl also offers online coaching or counseling. There are two options. The first is called Touchpoints, which is flexible support, where you record a message for your counselor or coach and they reply to you within 48 hours. Touchpoints is $199/mo. The other option is pay by session counseling or coaching which varies in price from one counselor to another. You can also utilize free consultations.

They are in the process of shifting more towards Christian values and interests and it has been exciting for me to be a part of that process. As the Chief Editor, I contribute monthly guides that answer questions about journaling, counseling, or relationships through a Christian view. As a coach, I am working on creating new journaling challenges and therapy courses, and building my client base.

Not only do I work for JournalOwl, but I also use it! With three small kids running around, an online journal is the best way for me to process without worrying about my kids ripping up pages or my new reader reading something he shouldn’t. I can also share my journal entries to a counselor to give them a better understanding of how I’m feeling. I highly recommend this site for everyone, but especially for those of you who enjoy journaling or find it helpful in processing or healing.

*This is NOT an ad. I am not being compensated in any way for this article.

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