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Important Updates!

Hey, friends! A lot has happened since my last update. If you’ve checked out the website lately, you have noticed some of the changes!

1) The website is now and it highlights all the projects I am working on, not just Growing Grace and Knowledge.

2) I have been freelance writing for several Christian organizations through Upwork, and I also took on a new challenge – a travel guide for my hometown, which was published earlier this month! If you’d like to check it out, you can see it on Amazon.

3) I am now the Chief Editor for JournalOwl, where I post monthly guides. You can read those here. I am also a coach for the site, providing check-ins and counseling for clients. My counseling profile can be found here. My next goal is to create some journal challenges and therapy courses. I plan to share more about this awesome site soon!

4) Growing Grace and Knowledge is still a very important part of my work, and the name/brand will continue to exist as a part of the new website. Although I’ve been quiet for a while, I have been brainstorming and planning what’s next! One huge announcement is that printed hard copies of some studies and devotionals are available on Amazon! PDF downloads will continue to be available on the website. Amazon links are below. (Hint: prices should be dropping in the next few days, so keep checking back!)

Ruth Study

Prayer and Your Children Devo

Advent Songs and Hymns Study

Kids Prayer Study

5) You can follow me in all the places now! For updates and posts regarding freelance writing and JournalOwl you can follow me on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Growing Grace and Knowledge will continue to operate on its own social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

6) I also have some new contact information. The email for Growing Grace and Knowledge is the same If you would like information about my other projects, have a freelance job inquiry, or want to learn more about counseling services, you can use my Upwork or JournalOwl pages or email

As always, thank you for your support!

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