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Anxious Thoughts: A Story Guide to Coping with Stress

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Do you ever feel worried or scared? Like everyone, Alex feels anxious sometimes. He has learned that with the right tools, his feelings of anxiety don't have to stop him from doing the things he loves. Follow this adventurous eight-year-old as he models the ways he has learned to fight anxiety and stress. 


This unique story guide isn't just another workbook for kids or a book full of hard-to-understand psychology terms. It meets kids on their level and demonstrates coping techniques that are rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). This insightful story will be one your children come back to for years when they need reminders on how to fight anxious thoughts. 

Now Available!

Anxious Thoughts Bundle - includes a paperback copy of the book, a workbook and journal, scripture and prayer journal, and pop-it fidget toy. Available for purchase here.

Purchase your copy of Anxious Thoughts at any of the following stores: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million

The Story Behind the Book

Through my experience working with children in the education system, at church, and with my own children, I recognized a need for age-appropriate instruction on mental wellness. I strongly believe that teaching children about mental wellness and faith sets them up for successful, healthy lives. My son is at what I call an "in-between" age. He is wanting to be more independent in many areas of his life but isn't quite ready to do everything on his own. He struggles with anxiety and wants to be able to manage it independently, but often needs reminders of coping techniques. I wrote this book as a resource for him, a tool he can easily use on his own to strengthen his coping skills and foster his independence. I wanted something versatile that would grow autonomy but could also be used by families, therapists, teachers, and others who work with children. That is where the idea of a "story guide" was born. This book offers the best of both worlds - a fun and engaging story for kids to follow AND demonstrations of practical skills.  

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