Kailey Lentsch is a freelance writer with a focus on Christian theology, mental wellness, education, and children's content. 

Prior to becoming a writer, Kailey worked as a community social worker providing counseling and case management for clients at a disability wellness facility. She also taught special education in the autism unit for two years. Kailey stepped away from the classroom to focus on her growing family and to better serve her church and community through volunteer work.

Kailey is a graduate of University of Central Florida with a master’s degree in Social Work and a certification in Children’s Services. She's currently enrolled in theology courses to expand her Bible knowledge and follow 2 Peter 3:18 by growing “in the grace and knowledge” of Christ.


As the founder of Growing Grace and Knowledge, Kailey's goal is to provide encouragement and valuable biblical study resources for women and children that promote growth in understanding of Christ and community through Christ.

This vision started as a couple church volunteer opportunities - Kailey regularly leads women's bible studies and develops children's lessons and sermon notes to coordinate with the adult materials being used in her local church. She recognized a need for these materials beyond the church and through a lot of prayer and faith, Growing Grace and Knowledge was born.


She says, "God is certainly using this opportunity to grow me as well, pushing me out of my comfort zone and putting a new fire in my soul for study and writing."​

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JournalOwl® is a free website that offers journaling challenges designed to help people cultivate stronger faith, courage, and calmness in their lives. The site also offers moderated community support and the option of online coaching or therapy. 


Kailey is the Chief Editor of JournalOwl and to help its users cultivate faith and expand their knowledge of the Bible, she contributes a monthly guide on various topics. Some of her work includes What Does Happiness Mean in the Bible, and A Biblical Approach to Managing Anxiety.


She is also a Christian coach for JournalOwl. Her goal is to incorporate her knowledge of mental health and evidence-based techniques with sound biblical theology to provide readers with well-rounded, Christ-centered information and advice.